Replacement of Winter Uniforms

Dear Parent,

In view of weather getting cooler in recent days, our school has decided to change  the winter  uniform from November 16 (Monday) to December 4 (Friday). Parents can choose to wear summer or winter uniforms for their children according to the weather conditions. (Must be a complete set of summer or winter school uniforms), and the lwinter school uniforms will be official changed on December 7, 2020(Monday).

1. The school uniform sample is displaced in front of the office for reference.

  1. If parents have not received the winter uniforms that have ordered, student can wear warm casual clothe. The style of casual clothes are mainly simple and convenient.
  2. If the Observatory announces that the temperature on the day is 12 degrees Celsius or below, students can change to wear warmer clothes such as padded jackets and down or still wear school jackets. Parent are kindly requested to pay attention.