Notice for January 2021

Dear Parent,

Please take note of:

(1)Distribute items for the next semester

  • Handbooks and books for the next semester is distributed on January 25 (Monday). Parents are requested to check and return the receipt notice. (Signing the notice number: Nursery Class 2021003, Lower Class 2021006, Upper Class 2021008)
  • Parents are requested to complete the inside pages of the 2nd semester handbook [Student Registration Form(學籍登記表), Child Physical Health Record(兒童體格健康記錄), Parent Authorization Letter(家長授權書)] and return to school on February 4 (Thursday).

(2)First semester parents’ Day

  • The parent day of the first semester will be held on January 29 (Friday) and January 30 (Saturday). Affected by the “COVID-19”, our school is unable to invite parents to school. At the arranged time, class teacher will call and talk to the parents for about 15 minutes. Parents are requested to answer the call on time, thank you for your cooperation.
  • The Zoom lesson on January 29 will be suspended as it is the parent’s day.
  • Parents are requested to read and complete the “Student Growth and Learning File(學生成長及學習檔案)” and return it to the school on or before February 4 (Thursday).

(3)Parents please come to school on February 4 (Thursday) to hand in all homework. At that time, the teacher will distribute the Chinese New Year holiday homework, worksheets, Chinese New Year gifts, and old items from first semester. Parents should bring your own bags in order to carry things.

(4)Chinese New Year Zoom Video Celebration

The Zoom video lesson on February 5 (Friday) will hold a Lunar New Year celebration. To add the festive atmosphere, students are encouraged to wear Chinese clothes to participate in the Zoom lesson to celebration on that day.

(5)Lunar New Year Holiday

8/2/2021 to 20/2/2021 is the Lunar New Year holiday, and online teaching will be suspended during the holiday.