About “Parent-Child Activity Material Package”

Dear Parent,

In response to the impact of the epidemic, our school has suspended face-to-face classes for a period of time. In order to achieve the goal of non-stop learning during suspension time, our school will provide parents with a “Parent-Child Activity Material Package” (hereinafter referred to as ” Activity Material Package”) every month. Parents can use the materials provided in the “Activity Material Package” to carry out parent-child activities with children according to the suggestions, or use a richer imagination to create unique ways for you and your children. We hope that parents enjoy the time of interacting with children, and children can also enjoy learning from games. Parents are welcome to upload photos of the production process or finished products to ClassDojo’s Message to the class teacher and share with us.

*Note: The “Activity Material Package” will provide the main materials, and parents need to prepare the others materials required for some of the suggested activities.