About “The Graduation Ceremony”
  • Rehearsal day of Graduation Ceremony

Date:July 5, 2021 (Monday)

Time:10:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.

Dress code:Summer Sport Uniform(Please refer to the relevant notice)


(2) Graduation ceremony

Date: July 6, 2021 (Tuesday)

Location : Kwai Tsing Theatre (Performing Hall)

(Please refer to the relevant notice)


(3) Makeup

Parents please help students do simple make-up at home :

  1.  i) Cream  ii) Rouge


(4) Bad Weather Arrangement

If the typhoon signal no.8 or black rainstorm warning is raised at 8 o’clock, the ceremony will be cancelled.


(5) Diligence Award and Conduct Award List

The school celebrates children with outstanding performance in learning and behavior.
The 2020-2021 Diligence and Conduct awards will be distributed during the ceremony.


Diligence Award

Conduct Award


趙明希  許嘉雯  楊育舜

黃楚橋  林芷妍


葉思晴  吳卓蕎  黃晞韻

李倩瑤  蔡希雅


曾佩嘉  魏婧雅  李曉鈞

李衍臻  馮仲言





(6) Leaving Arrangement

  After the ceremony, please follow the instructions by teachers to pick up students.(Please refer to the relevant notice)


(7) Remarks

  1. Parents please bring the tickets on the “Graduation Ceremony “. Each ticket is for one

person only.

  1. The number printed on the tickets are arranged by students lottery, please sit according to

the ticket numbers.(Please refer to the relevant notice)