Information for the New School Year
  1. Circular and Handbook



The Circular to parents of the school is distributed weekly with the notice bag.

Parents are advised to pay attention to all relevant matters and need to keep

them properly. If there is any deficiency, please inform the class teachers.




If you need to pay any fees, please put the receipt and fee into the notice bag

and return it to the class teacher.



Please complete the information in the handbook in the first week after the start of the school.




If you are migrating or changing your address, please tell us to correct it.




Fill in the student’s home performance assessment on time.




The handbook should be handed over to the teacher on the first day of class

and returned to the student on Friday.




Please pay attention to the school-to-parent communication column in

handbook. If you indicate the receipt of the item, please sign it after the parents check it.


  1. School Time

There are five school days a week (Monday to Friday)

Morning class

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Afternoon class

1:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Whole day class

9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


  1. Going To School And After School


Parents pick up students:


Parents are advised to use the front stairway and the rear stair to follow the instructions of

the school to reduce congestion and accidents. Parents please don’t stay outside the classroom or in the corridor after picking up children. All parents and students entering

the school are required to take their body temperature and rub their hands with alcohol-based



Please go to school and pick up the school on time every day. If you need to delay the

reception of children in special accidents, please inform the school office or the class teachers.


When you are in school, you must present your student ID. If you fail to show it, the teacher
will ask the person to pick up the ID card to ensure your child is safe.


To ensure the safety of students, parents are advised not to allow children under the age of 12 to
pick up and drop off students for school.




School bus transfer students:


Please pick up your child on time at the station. Because the road traffic situation is difficult to

predict, please wait patiently.


If the student does not take the school bus go home on the same day, please call the school before 11:00 a.m. (morning school bus) or before 3:00 p.m. (full-day and afternoon school bus)and ask the parents to pick up the students on time.


  1. School Bus Service

  The school has entrusted the Lotus School Bus Company to pick up the students. Please contact

Ms. Lam 9090 4672, for any enquiries.

  1. School Uniforms

Students are required to wear school uniforms or sports uniforms every day.


School uniforms

Sports uniforms


Monday & Wednesday

Tuesday & Thursday & Friday


Tuesday & Thursday

Monday & Wednesday& Friday



School uniform

school uniform, beige cardigan, white socks, white shoes (not suitable for wearing laces)



sportswear, beige cardigan, white socks, white shoes (not suitable for
wearing laces)



Summer wearing a beige silk cardigan.



Please wear white underwear inside the school uniform.


For the student’s personal clothing and supplies, parents must write down their name to
identify them.


Parents of nursery classes should prepare two sets of underwear and two pairs of socks for the students, and write the name in a compact bag and store it in the classroom to replace it when it gets wet.


At the birthday party, students can wear casual clothes to return to school, but please avoid wearing the style of tying the laces and wearing workers’ trousers and belts or slings for the inconvenient to go to the toilet.


  1. Student Appearance

To cultivate students’ attention to personal hygiene, students should keep clean of nails, hair, shoes, clothes, and bags. Your child’s hair should be neat (such as not suitable for dyeing hair or strange hair styles, etc.) and do not use a pointed horn to return to school, so as to avoid the danger of children colliding with each other during activities.


  1. Tea Time Arrangements

The school distributes a tea time menu every month. Parents can respond to the child’s health. If the child is not suitable for eating the tea because of his physical condition, parents can prepare other food by themselves.



  1. Students Take Medicine

1.During the class, the school will not feed the half-day children to take the medicine. Parents

should adjust their children’s medication time or before go to school.

  1. Since full-time children need to attend classes at school throughout the day, if the child needs

to take the medicine, ask the full-time parents to go to the school office to fill out the Authorization for Substituting Medication” to authorize the school to give the

child a medication for the child.

  1. The school should only be entrusted from parents to be prescribed by the registered western

 medicine. If the child has any drug reaction after taking the medicine, the school does not bear

 any responsibility.


  1. 2021 – 2022 Tuition fee, Full-time Meal Fee

     The 2021-2022 half-time and full-time classes tuition fees and full-time meal

     allowances were approved by the Education Bureau as follows:

half-time class tuition

full-time class tuition

full-time class

meal fee

Number of period in a year

No need to pay for the whole year

Whole year HK$14,300.00


each month)

Whole year HK$7,590.00


 each month)

11 periods

(From September,2021 to July,2022)

~ Remarks: Full-time tuition and full-time meal allowance (full-time applicable) will be

          collected by bank at the automatic transfer method. Parents are required to

deposit tuition fees and full-time meal expenses into the Bank of

Communications’ parent transfer tuition before the 5th of each month. In the

account, in order to transfer money, the school will not issue a separate

receipt to the parents.
(full-time meal allowance will only be collected after the full-time face-to-face class is resumed)


  1. Refund of “New Student Registration Fee” (students who are enrolled this year)

    The tuition fees will return the tuition fees by cash in September.

  Full-time shift (HK$1,500.00):

  Half-day fee(HK$800.00)


  1. 2021/2022 Student Financial Assistance Scheme Comprehensive Application

  Parents who wish to apply for the Government’s Kindergarten and Child Care Centre
    Fee Remission Scheme or the Kindergarten Student’s School Expenditure Allowance,
    please send the relevant documents and information to the Student Financial Assistance
    Unit and the completed school certificate as soon as possible after obtaining the form.
    Delivered to the school office on or before 13th Sept,2019 (Friday).


  1. Application of 2022-2023 Nursery Class
    Younger brother or sister of the students in our school:

  Parents who want to apply 2022-2023 nursery class. To accept the application, parents
    are requested to obtain an application form from the school office or website start on   
    1stSeptember 2021(Wednesday)

  Parents can have the application form and bring the required documents to the school
    office for registration on 2nd September 2021 (Tuesday) to 3rd September 2021 (Friday).

  Non-school students:

  The registration form will be openly distributed on September 1,2021(Wednesday) and  
    registration on 6th September 2021 (Monday).


  1. Contact Teachers For Enquiry And Reservation

  Parents who want to contact the class teachers can call the school and leave their name
    and phone number so that the teacher can reply parents after class.

    Phone number of school: 2424 0628


  1. Parents are welcome to visit the school’s website or the school’s

Facebook page. Parents can log on to and search for “Kwai Chung Baptist

Church Kindergarten”. We will update the school’s activity photos regularly.