Prospectus of One Person, One Flower Scheme

Dear Parents,


In order to promote a green culture among students, to cultivate their interest in growing plants and to raise their awareness of the community, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department runs the ‘Prospectus of One Person, One Flower Scheme’ every year.

Students are invited to participate in the scheme and through first-hand experience of planting, students will learn how to take care of plants. Each student will receive a packet of Viola tricolor seeds which the teachers will help the children to plant and look after. The children will then take the seedlings home with the activity record book on 25th October 2021 (Monday). To put the environmental protection concept into practice, students should design their own flowerpot by using different recycled materials.

To extend this activity, an exhibition on ‘Prospectus of One Person, One Flower Scheme’ will be held on 24th February 2022(Monday). Parents may provide assistance to their child to look after the plant at home, and then bring the grown Viola tricolor plant back to school on 21st February 2022(Monday) to participate in the ‘Prospectus of One Person, One Flower Scheme’ exhibition. Parents and staff will vote for the plants according to the awards listed below. The details of the results will be announced by the class teachers later. Details of the exhibition are as follows.

Date of vote


24th February 2022(Thursday)

Voting formal


One person one vote

Exhibition venue


School outdoor playground



The awards were three awards each for ‘The most environmentally creative flowerpot’, The most exquisite Viola tricolor’, The most luxuriant Viola tricolor’.